Why You Need a Professional Headshot?

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Professional Headshot

Sample of a professional headshotAs a business person, branding forms a crucial part in the success of your business. Considering that people often link your face to the business, you need to ensure that you have a high-quality headshot. Although using you’re your phone to take a photo is a good, they aren’t great.

Using professional headshots taken by a professional photographer is highly recommended. They know what needs to be put into the shooting to come out with an excellent photo. Perhaps you have little experience or new to professional headshots, don’t worry. You have come to the right place to know more about the professional headshot. However to do the most professional headshot, it is always best to take in a photo studio where there are skilled photographer to help you with the best headshots for your corporate images.

What Is A Professional Headshot?

A professional headshot is a photo of a person’s face and at times features shoulders. It’s usually taken for professional purposes such as for use in a corporate website, about us page, profile image on social media, as a promotional picture of authors, models or actors hence the name professional headshot.

How Should I Dress for A Professional Headshot?

A professional headshot is an important aspect for your branding. This is why you need to ensure that the clothing is exceptional to reflect your credibility, personality and what you stand for in your line of profession.

When it comes to the design and style of dressing for the headshot, always keep it simple. Avoid as much as possible heavily textured and clothing with patterns. They divert the focus which should be centred on your thus overwhelming the purpose.

Some patterns might add effects to the headshot affecting its quality. However, if you can’t avoid a pattern completely, then you should consider using clothing with thin strips. The headshot appears great with plain clothes that bear no logo or writing.

If you are wearing earrings or necklaces, then you should keep them simple. Avoid conspicuous jewellery that will divert the focus from your face.

Clothing Tips for Men:


  • Avoid silk, reflective or shiny materials.
  • Wear a navy grey or dark suits.
  • Carry various outfits, ties, and suits and more than one business casual shirt.
  • Try to pick a tie that matches your dress shirt or suit.

Clothing Tips for Women:

  • Avoid stark white when not wearing a sweater, cardigan or a jacket.
  • Wear jewellery that matches your outfit but not distract the outlook.
  • Avoid short sleeves.
  • Carry a variety of suits, professional blouses, and dress shirts.

What Is the Best Color to Wear for A Professional Headshot?

When it comes to colour choices, plain is the best. It doesn’t bring any distractions on the photo enabling you to retain focus. Select mid-tone colours in purple, wine, green and blue since they’re universally flattering.

Headshot in Photo Studio

Wearing tops in flesh tones like yellow, peach, beige, or ream is not advisable because they’ll blend your face into your outfits. Orange or bright red can only be suitable if you feel super confident otherwise pass them.

White or star black is not great choices either since they distract the studio backdrop or the camera’s exposure. You can substitute black with neutrals such as forest green, maroon, navy, and chocolate.
Generally, you should always keep in mind that darker colours express maturity and brighter colours express youth. This should guide you when deciding the image that represents your professional persona.
Consider your skin complexion as well. If your skin tone is light then you should avoid lighter colours since they might make you look washed out. Also, if you ate medium-darker skin tones, avoid natural tones which look like your skin complexion.

Above all, ensure that the colours you pick are good to you. Seek advice from a professional photographer if you aren’t sure which colours to choose. It is also advisable to bring extra outfits for the headshot.

How Should I Pose for A Professional Headshot?

When taking the headshot, make angles your friends since they have a significant impact on the outcome. Avoid just sitting face in front of the camera. You should try turning one shoulder at an angle such that its closer to your camera.

To avoid a double chin, lean your head slightly forward and tip your chin down. Although you might feel it’s ridiculous, the pose makes your jawline tighter delivering a great headshot.

Regardless of the pose, what makes an excellent headshot is the smile you put. A beautiful smile will complement your outfit to deliver an incredible appearance. Once you are facing the camera, take your time to ensure you are relaxed before the caption is taken.

Here are top tips for a professional headshot:

  • Practice your facial expressions.
  • Relax and breathe.
  • Communicate with your eyes.
  • Avoid “straight to camera” body position.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Practice chin awareness.
  • Place your hands appropriately if they appear on your headshot.

How do you take professional headshots?

1. Use a friend or find a tripod

While using a friend to take the photos is recommended, you might have to use a tripod if you can’t find anyone to help you. A friend will help you to achieve better angles and adds criticism to ensure the headshot is super quality.
When on your own, consider borrowing or buying a tripod alongside a holder for your phone to correctly position the camera. You can then set up a timer and pose for the pictures as you check.

2. Choose a location with a simple backdrop and good lighting

The best place to take your headshots is indoors where there is no direct sunlight. However, you should ensure that the lighting is excellent. You can acquire extra artificial lighting if the natural light is not good enough.
Whether you are taking the photos indoors or outdoors, ensure you have a backdrop that has a solid colour. Consider purchasing a backdrop online if you can’t get a wall with a solid colour.

3. Equip yourself with a good camera

The importance of a good camera for professional headshot is essential. Make sure you have a camera with excellent resolution and enough space to store the photos. You don’t want to stop halfway to create some space in your camera.

4. Pick an appropriate time

If you prefer using natural lighting next to a window, then your timing has to be great. Also, ensure that you get enough time so that you won’t be in a rush during the shooting. Give yourself plenty of time for rehearsal and the shooting since it involves checking the photos as you take.

The Importance Of Makeup & Hairstyling For Photo Shoot

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The Importance Of Makeup & Hairstyling For Photo Shoot

We are living in the 21st century and photo shoots have evolved so much technically. Photography now comes with digital touch up tools that can enhance your looks and give you a polished and beautiful makeover. However, when it comes to passport and corporate photography, you do not want an unrealistic image of you where by there was too much of digital touch up on your face and it made you look fake or superficial. This is why make up is important before the photo shoot.

The first touch up is a makeover done by a professional makeup artist that will enhance your features and give radiance to your face. A professional would know how much to apply on your face. It is important that the makeup should not be too thick, cakey or over dramatic like a stage makeup. The right or preferred corporate look should give you a natural and radiant look. The makeup should be subtle and yet beautiful. There are a lot of differences if you take a photo shoot with makeup and without. For people who dislike the idea of being made up before the photo shoot, they tend to look dull and plain in the picture. This does not give a professional and confident image to your current or future employer and colleagues. This. might even jeopardise your future career promotion.

When we are looking for a new job, we need a pleasant and confident picture. A good headshot can make a big difference in your career, which is why a good and professional head shot should be an important part of marketing yourself to other people. Headshots photography may be used in various industries, and there are a few reasons why the photos need to be updated on a regular basis. First of all, an updated headshot helps other people to recognize you. If you are using a photo that is 5 or 10 years old, a new client might have a hard time recognizing you because you don’t look like the picture on your website.

Don’t be deceiving by posting an old photo of yourself. It is better to have current professional headshots on your website, social media profiles, and business cards so that people can quickly recognize you when they see you in the crowd. You want the headshot to look exactly like you. Secondly, unprofessional headshots can hurt your career progress. When starting a career, many people are tempted to save their money instead of paying for professional headshots. They don’t realize the importance of conveying the right message to the people in their industry. So, instead of hiring a professional photographer, they ask a friend or family member for a favor. But, just because the person paid a lot of money for a nice camera, doesn’t mean that they have the professional experience to create a headshot photo that will leave a memory for the people who see it. It takes a lot more than the simple click of the camera shutter, specific strategies and techniques need to be used to be sure it is a quality, effective photo.


Where To Get Family Portraits Done

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What is a great way to get good photographs taken?

One guaranteed way to get the best photos ever, regarding quality, is to visit a professional photography studio. A lot of people go to studios to get photos taken and printed, professionally. And they do this for a lot of reasons. And if you are also looking for a great way to get your photos taken, you really must also take the time to go to a studio to get your pictures taken. Whatever kind of picture that you want, such as a portrait or group picture, you can get from a studio!

You may be thinking why can’t you just take a picture with your smartphone. It would be so much easier, or it seems like that at first. But there are loads of different reasons why that would not be true at all. And if you think you can just take a good enough photo with your camera phone, think again! Good enough is not adequate for preserving your precious memories. Your memory deserves better, so you will need a good picture to help you remember your loved ones or a special time in your life. By going to a professional photography studio, you can get pictures that are more than good enough!

If you tried to take a picture with your phone, you are bound to get photos of different qualities. Sure, you may get one good quality picture, but that is just one out of dozens. There are a lot of factors that could affect the qualities of the photos that you are taking. And these are lighting, composition, picture arrangement and so forth. At a studio, all of those factors will be carefully controlled by a professional photographer. This will mean that you can continuously get dozens of different photos that are all great looking and ready to be displayed.

And if you have ever tried to take a picture of a group of many people, then you know just how difficult that is. There are so many people to manage in a group picture, and someone could be left out. Or they could be in a bad position in the image. So adjusting all of those people’s positions and arrangements, not to mention asking them to smile at the same, could be a huge hassle. You will not have to deal with any such hassle at a studio. Everything will be handled by the photographer, so you can just focus on yourself when taking a photograph.

Visit a photography studio, such as Instant Glamour right now. You can choose whatever you want for your pictures. You will have the ability to select the sizes of the images that will be printed, making them perfect for large portraits or even just wallet photos. And you may also choose to have your pictures framed as well. This choice of framing can allow you to proudly display any picture that you can hang wherever you want on the walls of your home.

Where Can I Take Family Pictures

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How to get the best family portrait?

If you want to capture a good family photograph or even a portrait of your group of friends, you will want to try going to a professional photography studio. At these kinds of places, you are sure to get a good quality photograph of whatever kind of moment that you want to capture. It will certainly be a better quality photography than what you would normally be capable of taking. So why not try out taking a portrait picture at a studio? You are sure to love the different kinds of images that you can get.

To have a guarantee of a high-quality photograph, you will need the assistance of the professionals at any form of studio, such as Instant Glamour. At the photography studios, expert photographers will help you set up the shop for a more appealing photo. And they will also do the adjusting of the lighting of the shot at well. So you will not even have to bother arranging the shot at all, you can just sit there looking pretty until the photographer is ready to take a picture finally. And after the photo has been taken, they can also make a lot of other improvements as well. They can do slight corrections and touch-ups to your picture before it will be printed. All of these steps at a professional studio will ensure that your film will turn out great.

The quality of the picture that you can potentially capture at a studio will be so good, that it will be good enough to display on a frame. If you have always wanted a portrait of your whole family so that you can keep it with you on your desk at work or you can look at it while traveling, getting a studio family portrait photo is the best decision you will ever make. You will be better able to remember all of the details of your loved ones if you have got such a well-composed family photo. You could even send the family pictures that you have printed out to other relatives as well. Those kinds of pictures will be a great way to show off your whole family. And if you want to show your family off to other people, you must try getting a good quality portrait picture of them first. And the only sure way to get such a photo is a studio.

By going to a professional photography studio such as Instant Glamour, you can select different kinds of pictures that you want as well. You could choose to get a picture of a certain size, or even have it printed on a particular quality of paper. You get even to choose which variety of pictures will end up being published! So if you are looking to get a good looking and charming family photography portrait taken, look no further than going to a professional photography studio. You will surely love the pictures that you can get from the studio.

Where Can I Get A Family Portrait Done

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Where Can I Get A Family Portrait Done, Where Can I Get Family Photos Done, Where Can I Get Family Photos Taken, Where Can I Take Family Photos

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Four reasons to visit a professional photography studio

Do you want to have keepsakes of your memories? If you do, then you may want to try going to a professional studio for getting your pictures taken. At such a professional photography studio, you will have a way to get perfect and glamorous pictures of your memories preserved.

You can have your whole family or a group of your closest friends all pose as part of a photography portrait at a studio. There are a bunch of excellent reasons why you should be doing this right now. If you do not already have a studio photo taken, here are some reasons why you must!

1. Better smiles on everyone’s faces
The photographers working at a studio will have dealt with lots of people. So they know how to make everyone smile, even little children. If you have always struggled with having your kids smile in photographs, maybe you would want to visit a photography studio. At such a place, the photographers will know how to make everyone getting their picture taken, crack a smile or two. And with everyone smiling their best, they will also look their best as well. So if you do visit a photography studio, such as Instant Glamour, you may get a better guarantee of a happier looking photo.

2. More variety in the photos
At any professional studio for taking pictures, you will be able to a lot of types in the pictures that are taken. Most photographers will take more than one shot. In fact, they will probably be taking several pictures at once. So this means that you can better select which ones are the best looking overall. If you want more choices in the kinds of images that you can choose, you had better visit a studio. And the best part is, almost all of the variety of images that you can choose will all look great as well.

3. Better photography and printing equipment
Not everyone has access or owns high-grade photography equipment. And it is always better to have high-grade cameras to take photos because the images that they produce are way clearer and more defined. You can have high-grade cameras being used for your photography needs if you have your pictures taken at a professional photography studio. And not only are the cameras great but the lighting equipment, background, and setting are better as well.

4. Immortalize your memories as great photos
Preserving your memory is best done by having a studio photographer capture it through a camera. Through the lens of their camera, that exact moment in time will be beautifully preserved. This can allow you to take that protected memory and keep it fresh in your mind all of the time, by looking at the photo again and again. And you may even have a physical token of your memory as well since you can print out your pictures at a studio. So do not let time slip by, preserve your memories right now by taking photos a studio.

Studio Family Photos | Studio Portrait Photography

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Three things that you can get out of a professional photography studio

Pictures can speak louder than words. And that is certainly true when it comes to preserving individual memories. You will be able to clearly see what the moment was all about when you see it capture in a picture. And you will get the clearest, and best quality pictures of you go and visit a professional studio to have your portrait photographs taken. At photography studios, the best pictures can be found! You can get a lot of things out of visiting a professional photography studio. Here is what you can expect to get out of them:

Framed photographs
There is a lot more use of your memory than just using it to reminisce from time to time. A professionally shot and printed picture can be utilized as an excellent addition or decoration to anyone home. And a photograph will be an even better decoration if it is framed. Professional photography studios, such as Instant Glamour, can offer framing services if you desire them. This can make your photos look way more sophisticated and make them ready to be hanged on walls as well. So if you want to display your family portrait or picture on the walls proudly, you should get it framed in a photography studio.

Physical pictures of your memories
Having a picture on your phone or computer is one thing. But having it in hand as a physical copy, is another very altogether different thing. And it is a better thing to have if you are holding a physical copy of your picture. You will get to be as close to holding your memory in your hands if you have got a printed out picture of it. At a photography studio, you can print out as many copies of your pictures as you want. And the variety in which you can choose them means that you can have a lot of physical copies of whatever kind of picture that you want.

Professional grade pictures
The quality of the pictures that you can get out of a photography studio will be professional grade. The images will be crisp and clear and also be composed to be aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. You can trust the skill of your professional studio photographer because they will know how to manipulate lighting and other camera effects to achieve the best quality of photography. Those studio photographers will also be using professional grade cameras and other lighting equipment as well.

Visit a professional photography studio right now to have your picture taken! At a photography studio, such as Instant Glamour, you will be able to get all of these things and more. The best kinds of photographers can be captured and printed out at this place. So whenever you are thinking about immortalizing a memory of your group of friends or your family members, do not hesitate to go to a professional picture studio. When you see the final product of your group photo or picture portrait, you will have a picture of a moment that is worth remembering.

Professional Family Portraits | Professional Portrait

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What are the advantages of having your pictures professionally done?

Whenever you want to take a picture of, say your family, you really should seriously consider taking the time to visit a professional photography studio. You may have the choice just to take a picture of your family by yourself, but going to a professional photography studio is more advantageous. There are a lot of disadvantages of trying to take a group family picture by yourself. And the advantages of visiting a professional photo studio far outweigh the cons.

Taking a picture of yourself, on your phone, is not an excellent way to preserve your memories. There are a lot of disadvantages to using amateur equipment to take photos of memorable events. And this is especially apparent when you try to take group shots by yourself. If you just tried to capture a picture of a large group of people by yourself, you will not end up taking a picture of everyone. Someone could be left out of frame, or simply not be seen in the picture that was taken. So this may mean that the whole group of people was not fully captured on camera.

The quality of the camera of your phone is also not that great. You could have the latest and most advanced model of a smartphone, but it still is a phone camera. And this means that will struggle with taking photos in different kinds of conditions. For example, if you tried to take a group picture of a lot of people, you would have to zoom out with your phone camera. This could mean that you will make everyone’s faces in the picture look blurry. Phone cameras also struggle with taking pictures in low light settings as well.

When you go to a professional photography studio, there are a lot of advantages for doing so. And there are very few disadvantages if you think about it. In fact, the only disadvantage to going to a professional photography studio is that you will have to pay for it. However, it can be well worth it to pay for the cost of their photography services, especially if you want pictures that end up looking good.

The composition and creativity of the shots that are taken at a professional photography studio are orders of magnitudes much better than what you would normally get with an amateur phone camera. You will simply get a wider variety of photos and pictures if you visit a professional photography studio. The photographers can always rearrange everyone to achieve a more pleasing final picture of the whole family.

Those are just some of the advantages of having your photos professionally taken a studio. So if you are planning to have a family portrait or a picture of your group of friends, you must rethink about how to take a picture. Sure, it may just be easier to take a picture using your personal camera. But you can end up with a much nice looking final group photo if all of you just got a professional photography studio.

Professional Family Photographers

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Why should you go to a professional photography studio?

Professional photography studios should be your go-to place if you want to have a photography taken and printed out. Through their expert picture taking and printing services, they will be able to provide you with the best-quality photos that you could ask for. And while it may seem like it could be an unnecessary way to spend your time and money, because you already have a camera on your phone. You must rethink that assumption; it is entirely a good way to spend your money if you decide to visit a professional photography. These are some of the compelling reasons why you should do just that.

Taking a picture and printing it out is an excellent way to preserve a memory. You may just think that you can just leave your photo in a digital format. But a digital photo can just be quickly deleted. So to truly preserve a memory, having a physical copy of the picture is a must. And you can get a nice looking and a high-quality physical copy of your photos at a professional photography studio. You can even show this physical copy of your memories to other people. And you may also use these printed photos to reminisce about the past as well!

The printing quality of the pictures at a professional photography studio is just way better. The printers that they have will make every detail of your picture as crisp and vivid as it did in real life. And the ink of these printers will also be of good quality as well. They will not smudge or make your photo appear blurry.

Another great reason for going to a professional photography studio is that you gain access to high-grade cameras. These kinds of cameras will be able to take crystal clear shots. And the quality of pictures that these cameras take is way better than the quality of pictures that your phone will be able to capture.

And the actual photos themselves will also be much better to look at too. Professional photographers will know how to work with groups of people, such as families. This will mean that these studio photographers can make everyone included in the shot, even unruly children! So if you want your whole family included in the picture, you should have it done at a professional studio. You can get everyone to smile and look good in pictures.

And if you ever want to create framed photographs of your memories, then going to a professional photography studio is what you should be doing. Many framing services are already offered at these places. So you can get your photo framed immediately, after paying an additional fee. And it will worth it to pay that extra fee to frame your photos. Your pictures can be used as framed decorations for your home. And the quality of the frames that a studio uses will be perfectly sized for any photo as well.

Portrait Photography Packages | Portrait Pictures

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Five benefits of having your photos professionally taken

Whenever you want to immortalize a moment, you would probably snap a picture of it. And now that everybody nowadays has a smartphone, a camera is within easy reach. However, for more important photos, such as family portraits, you really should go to a professional photography studio. These kinds of places will be able to take better pictures and print better pictures at the same time. Here are some of the benefits, which should convince you to visit a photography studio.

1. Your photos are ready to be framed.
The pictures that are printed by a professional photography studio can be mounted right away. You can even have the professional photography studio frame the shot immediately after they have printed it out. The pictures that they produce are perfectly sized to fit almost any kind of photo frame that you want. Whether that is a big photograph or a small one, you can frame it and then use it to decorate your house with. A family framed picture will look great on your wall.

2. There is a better composition in the photos.
The professional photographers at a studio will know how to arrange the shots better. They will work with lighting, the arrangement of people, and other technical details about taking a nice looking photograph. This means that if you want the best kind of photo composition, it is best if you go to a professional photography studio. At a studio, the photographers will have all of the experience that is needed to ensure a high-quality picture is taken. You will not have to bother about composing the shot if you hire someone else to do it for you.

3. You can create memories with your photos.
Taking a picture and having it printed out, is an excellent way to keep a moment as a memory. If you want to ensure that you do not forget a particular time, then you have to get a professional picture of it taken. You could go with your family together to a studio, to preserve the memory of when everyone in the family was together.

4. Higher quality printing of photos.
The ink and photo paper that studios use is just way better than what you would usually buy in any store. So you will essentially have access to better quality equipment for printing photos at a photography studio. And the better equipment also extends to the camera and printers that they have as well.

5. More creativity with the shots of your photos.

Photographers at a studio will also get more creative in the type of pictures that they take. They can arrange individual people or play with colors and objects that are included in the shot. This will mean that you will simply have a better-looking picture if you go to a studio to get it taken because the photographers are more creative. Their creativity also extends to after the picture is taken as well. They will be able to use photography software to creatively enhance your photographs as well.

Places To Take Family Photos Near Me | Portrait Family

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Why Should You Go to a Photo Studio for a Family Picture?

It cannot be denied that most people are using the cameras on their phones when it comes to taking pictures. Well, that’s certainly okay as long as you are just taking a selfie. But what if it’s a family picture that you wanted to have? Unless you have a tripod, there would always be someone who will be missing in the group because he is the one who took the photo. Therefore, you should consider going into the Glamour Photo Studio. The following are the benefits of having a professional taking your family picture:

High-quality family picture
Of course, a family picture taken from a professional photographer is way better compared to photos taken with your smartphone or even in a digital camera. That’s because they are skilled enough to capture the best moment, correct angles, and proper lighting—resulting in a high-quality family picture. If someone from your family is about to leave for the next few years, you should not miss the chance to visit the photo studio and make the most of your remaining days.

Brings out the confidence of your family members
Not all people understand that they are photogenic. It is most likely because they think that they tend to look bad in photos but that’s only because the one who took the picture did not get the right angle or the proper lighting in taking pictures. Professional photographers know exactly what they are doing. Therefore, they can enhance the natural features of an individual and make them look more beautiful in photos. It can bring out the confidence of your family members, not to be stiff and show their real emotions for a better result.

Shows natural emotions
A great family picture should have everyone laughing or smiling genuinely. With that being said, a great photographer can feel everyone comfortable and relaxed. Children will be so much happier with the idea of going into a studio and have a professional photographer take their photos. Thus, it results in a picture that is filled with a natural or genuine expression on their faces.

Now that you know the benefits of going into a photo studio for a great family picture, you should head directly to Glamour photo studio. They are going to provide you a team of talented professionals who will provide you the kind of picture that your family deserves and you’d be proud to show off.

Complete family members
At last, your sister or cousin will not sacrifice not being in the picture to give you a great family photo. Everyone is included in the picture, and that’s what’s necessary for a great family picture. The high-quality image that your photographer took is now ready for display or the loveliest gift you could ever give to your close relative. Just wrap it around and ta-da! They will have something to remember you if they are going to leave or live somewhere else.