10 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Family Photo Shoot in A Studio

A family of 11 photo taken at our studio
A family of 11 photo taken at our studio


Family photos give us an opportunity to record all the important moments and memories that we share in life. Welcoming a newborn, celebrating birthday parties or having a family reunion are such memorable moments for every member of the family. Each one of us always loves to go back and look at the photos we took some time back to see how we have changed physically. It gives families great joy to go through the family album and remember the special moment when the particular family photo was taken.

Many today can take pictures wherever they are – whether from the comfort of their home, on the nature trail, on the track, at the malls, on the road, etc. Easy access to cameras of different sizes has enabled almost all of us to try our hands at photography.

Even as we take all these photos with our little phones or cameras, we still don’t have the same effect as the professional photographer. We still long to take those breathtaking shots and marvel at how beautiful the lens has brought it out.

With the greatest innovation of cameras everywhere, many still opt to visit their favorite studio and have a family portrait taken. Reason being? The picture speaks for itself.

Capturing The Legacy

For the older parents that have their children working in other countries, the festival creates the occasion they all come home. In most cases, they come home with the grandchildren as well. You must capture the reunion of three generation in a beautiful portrait. Only a professional studio can do justice to the moment.

4 Generation Family Photo Taken At Our Studio

Gives You Clear Shots

We all love our details showing on the photo but most times our little cameras cannot zoom or give a clear view as we want. The studio gives us the effect we want, the lights the pixels and the colors will bring out the very details we want to cherish. Most studio cameras have a high zooming capacity allowing them to capture specifics that you could not even imagine. For a memorable family photo, you cannot afford to miss out on the specific details that each person holds.


Different Shots of Lights

Lighting is one major rule that cannot afford to be broken in photography. Professional photographers have a way they play with the lights making them tease us and bring out an effect we did not know existed. The sun or natural light most times gives the photographers a hard time positioning us to get the best shot. That’s why you ought to settle for the studio where the lighting will not be interfered with and the hues created will amaze you.


Reconnects Family

Extended family photos and generational portraits give you the opportunity to reconnect and share special memories with your family members. Special moments call for special treats, and you could treat your extended family to a family studio shoot the next time you have a reunion. With such large groups, have them dress up in beautiful colors to create beautiful and timeless family photos.


An Event to Dress up for

With such busy times in our lives, we can all confess that we tend only to have dinner or at least breakfast together sometimes not even looking each other in the eye. Family photo shoot gives us a rare chance to dress up and look hot for each other and the camera. It allows a fun time for families to connect and look each other in the eye to see the beauty they bring to our life. There is a self-confidence that comes up with great dressing and looking good. Grab such chances to appreciate the beauty in your children or partner and smile to the camera. It surely will be memorable!

Lovely parents with the 2 boys.
Lovely parents with the 2 boys.

Allows You to See Everyone’s Eyes

Family is big and sometimes it’s hard to catch up with everyone. With proper lighting in a studio, the professional photographer focuses on the eyes. Eyes are the doorway to our souls – they tell when we are hurt, confused, happy, etc. By looking at that family portrait, you know who needs motivation or encouragement and readily offer it.


The Studio Offers Bright Backgrounds

Studios can create effects in the background that will astound us. For that family graduation photo that we want to be close knit and not capture anybody behind us, the studio will perfectly capture that moment for us.


Gives You Photos to Frame

Most homes you visit you will find family portraits hanging on the wall. With our simple cameras, we cannot get an excellent shot to a frame, but the studio offers us that opportunity to frame those moments and show them proudly to whoever visits our home.

family package

Allows You to Celebrate in Style

Whether it’s a wedding or a newborn baby or a birthday party, the studio is the place to gather for that family photo shoot. It brings you out of the ordinary and gives you a different atmosphere that just makes you thrive. Change is as good as a rest they say, try the studio change and see your smile in a different way!


Use Your Family Photos For Other Purposes

Studio shots are very clear and can be used to create calendars, print family journals or T-Shirts with that one perfect shot from your nearest studio. It is such a thriller to the entire family as they carry each other wherever they go.


Now You Should Know Why A Studio Is Important For Your Family Photo Shoot?

Photography has its history going way back to the olden days. Today, the world has changed a lot. With a lot of innovations happening, high pixel cameras have been manufactured to give more precise and real photos that hold all the memories in beautiful colors. Don’t ruin the moment with any generic camera. Check out our rates for your family photo needs and  visit us Instant Glamour, your professional photo studio.

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