Getting a passport to go on holiday is a pleasure but getting a photo for it is often not a passport to pleasure

Such pictures are frequently taken at instant photo booths under harsh lighting – not helped by the fact that you must face the camera head-on, a very unflattering angle and photos can end up looking like criminal mugshots.

Booth cameras also produce lower quality images and there are only around 5 attempts to ace it.

But help is at hand to avoid looking less like a wanted criminal and more like a fabulous you. Go for a passport photo makeover service.
They will take care of everything for you.

These sessions includes makeup , hairstyling and photography. Studios can also touch up the photos to perfection after your selection. removing that pimple or zit.
Clients can also borrow the Corporate Outfits from the studio to look more professional. Even just donning that Corporate blazer will make a world of difference.

The makeup and hairstyling for Passport photos is more natural so u will look more like yourself and avoid you any trouble at immigration.
You will look at your natural best. The makeup covers or enhances your natural features rather than those extreme makeovers that may change your look.
examples like bone structure and nose shading.

Its also good to ensure your hair is tidy and does not fail their requirements. Most passport photos require your hair to be off the face, not blocking the ears and eyebrows.
The editing can also alter hair volume and clear off those flyaway stray hairs. The studio can even darken those greying white hairs. You dont need a trip to the salon for colouring.

But why spend so much on your passport photo when no one but you and the immigration officer will be looking at it? After all, its much more cost comparing to those photo booths or instant photo studios.

A passport will be used for a long time so it helps to look good too. Official documents are also part of ones’ personal branding.

If you are concerned about projecting the best image of yourself and have some spare cash, no harm in going for a passport makeover.

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