Why You Should Engage a Professional Photographer to Take Your Photo

family-portraitIn this day and age with the advent of handphone cameras and editing apps, its all too easy to just snap your ID photo on your own
Simply just find a nice white wall and a friend or you can even do a selfie on your own
But the results are totally different if u go to a Photo Studio
There may be some cost but you save so much time and inconvenience.
Firstly, a studio shot done on an DSLR will always be sharper than a handphone photo
A blurry shot looks unprofessional. A sharp image conveys a much better impression. This is vital if u are using the photo in your resume,CVs or LinkedIn profile
Also the wall may not be white enough or there may be shadows cast on the wall from your body. U would ideally need to find a well lit spot and stand at a distance from the wall to avoid shadows. Take note it wont be good too if its too sunny. Your face may be overexposed or u may squint if the sun is too glaring
After taking the shot, you would then need to crop and do some editing on the background
This may take some time and u got to find apps or software to edit. A professional can do it in a matter of seconds with professional software like Photoshop or Lightroom
Some apps even reduce the file image size after the editing
It makes the image have a dreamy soft effect. Totally different from a sharp studio shot.
More detailed editing can be done on a studio shot as well
The photo studio will also be familiar with the requirements for the VISA/ Passport and save you the hassle of going online to check and fretting after you have submitted.
The differences between going to a professional photographer and the DIY route are vast
Save your time and buy yourself a world of convenience by going to the photo studio now.

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